Head shot and Portraits

Head shot photographer for actors and actresses and now portraits, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Shooting now for the past 4-5 years, I have the unique ability to get the best out of my clients and produce head shots that gets results.

I’m now getting more referrals, allowing me to shoot more and get better with, not only how I shoot, but how I interact with my customers.

Creating a relationship with meeting someone for the first time and getting results that really show, making them look confident in the shots I take.
Hopefully getting them that lead role in whatever it is they apply for.

So, if you feel you are looking for someone to bring out the best in you, you should book a session with me today.

  • Role Photographer
  • For Actors and private clients
  • Nikon D810 and D610

Billy Olsen

Actress: Natasha Goulden

Actor and co founder of #waroncancer, Fabian Bolin

Actress: Natasha Goulden

Hair stylist: Arty Kay

Olga Natsarenus

Actor: Kabo Lekay

Sara Januzi

Sussi Tatti

Olga Natsarenus

Kenny Lindberg

Nadia Mitrovski

Natalie Avigdor

Artist: Nadine Schjölin

Sussi Tatti

Artist: Nadine Schjölin

Barber: Siavesh

Louise Wiberg

Madeline Sandmon

Actor: Kevin Kronow

Doctor Lara

Actress: Mimmi Kandler

Dear friend: Berarda

Swedish model: Silje Monique Tangen

Actress and Owner of Hello Creative, Erica Löfgren. www.hellocreative.se and www.ericalofgren.com youtube.be/UlrcvfPfUSw

Photographer: (me) Sean Lewthwaite

Actor: Carl Christiansen

Actress/Singer: Eleanor Olmarken www.ellinorolmarken.com. www.ellinorolmarken.wix.com/lyricsoprano

Sara Januzi